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HOW TO Beginner hybrid bike? 10 GOLDEN RULES

By ronde , in Bikes , at June 22, 2019

A hybrid bike is the perfect balance between road bike and mountain bike, offering a versatile and comfortable ride.

This is the ideal model for cyclists who travel to work by bike on roads and trails because of its flexibility.

It rides well on different surfaces and is able to tackle terrain services.

And people who are interested in commuting, a hybrid bike is the best possible choice.

Beginner hybrid bike

What to watch out for when beginning to ride a hybrid bike?

If you are looking for what hybrid bike model you could buy, be patient to study the various options available, but also to carefully inspect the condition of a second-hand bike while riding with it.

Discover our tips to begin your hybrid bike journey with ease!

The framework

According to Just Not Sports, A good hybrid bike is often designed with straight handlebars, allowing you to settle upright on a city bike; this will make your city trips more comfortable and convenient, and keep an eye on traffic.

It is  made of aluminum, carbon fiber or a mixture of both.

Carbon fiber models are often  pricier , however are lighter and stronger . For a second-hand model, take a good look at the frame and any signs of deformation, rust or physical damage that could destabilize the bike.

Brakes and tires

On a hybrid bike, there are often linear pull brakes that compress the wheel when you brake.

Disc brakes are less popular, but provide more braking capability when road conditions are more intense, such as on hillsides or muddy roads.

Inspect that the brakes are undamaged and that the brake pads are not overused. The tires are wider on the hybrid bikes, so as to better adhere to the road. Make sure their tread is not worn, and that the valve stem is unbroken.

Suspensions and saddle

The suspensions ensure you a comfortable seat and smooth rides, so remember to check if it has a suspension fork.

If you feel too shaky or the seat is too hard, but all the rest of the bike is great, remember that it is always possible to have another suspension seat or change it  completely so that it is more comfortable.

To find one quality but affordable hybrid bike, your number one option is to find a used model. After a proper inspection, you will know if you have a bike in front of you that will hold the road for years to come.

Hybrid vs Road bike

Knowing the future use of your future bike is important before acquiring it. Indeed, it will be necessary to direct your decision according to whether you wish to use it for family walks, to go to work or to feel the excitement of speed on the handlebars.

Hybrid bike vs Road bike

What distinguishes the hybrid bike?

Developed to satisfy any type of cyclist, the hybrid bike combines the best of both racing and mountain biking.

According to Just Not Sports, Hybrid bike features may include:

  • A straight hanger for optimal comfort;
  • Tires with a width of 28 to 42 mm to better absorb the roughness of the road and offer greater stability to the runner;
  • A more elevated position of the body;
  • Lighter weight compared to other bikes;
  • Higher speed thanks to lighter components

What about the race bike?

It is a model designed to swallow kilometers at high speed on asphalt or paved roads.

The racing bike has:

  • An extremely light weight that varies between 5 and 10 kilos, due mainly to a careful selection of components such as the frame that can be aluminum, titanium, carbon or steel.
  • Narrow tires with a width of 23 mm and a higher pressure to minimize friction on the ground and thus achieve a high speed.
  • A more bent forward position to reduce air resistance and increase your speed.

What to choose between hybrid and race bike?

The racing bike is lighter than the hybrid, allowing it to reach faster speeds. On the other hand, you have to lean forward all the way and the saddle is also narrow on this type of bike, which is why the hybrid bike offers more comfort to the cyclist.

The wider wheels of the hybrid bike better absorb shocks due to rough edges of the road. They also allow you to venture on dirt roads and gravel, without fear of punctures.

In return, this leads to greater friction on the ground and the higher body position provides greater air resistance, which significantly reduces speed.

Hybrid bikes generally have stronger brakes than their racing counterparts, because they have greater weight and are often equipped with accessories such as a luggage rack, basket or side panniers.

On the other hand, racing bikes are more stable because they have a longer wheelbase, ie the distance between the two wheels is greater.

In short, if you want to have a versatile bike that you can use in the city as much as to go to work, do your shopping or for a family walk on the weekend, the hybrid bike is ideal.

If instead, you want to travel miles of bitumen at full speed, the best is to opt for a racing bike.

10 golden rules to circulate in a hybrid bike of Just Not Sports

10 golden rules to circulate in a hybrid bike of Just Not Sports

Riding a hybrid bike is similar to how to ride a mountain bike or a road bike.

However, to avoid all risks on your bike, learn to move in a responsible and respectful way in an urban environment with the following rules:

#1: See and be seen from day to night

To keep your bike safe, it is important to see and be seen by other road users. Front and rear lights and retro reflectors are mandatory for bicycles. For maximum visibility, consider wearing a reflective vest or jacket when riding on two wheels.

#2: Respect the signaling panels and the road codes

You are required to respect signs. Do not take bad and dangerous cycling habits: it is forbidden to ride on sidewalks or to drive in the wrong direction.

#3: Report management changes

Report any change of direction to avoid surprises to other users. Make sure no cars are passing you if you turn left. Reach out and only engage if the path is clear.

#4: Avoid exceeding right

Avoid overtaking on the right another vehicle, even at a traffic light or in a traffic jam. You expose yourself to risks, especially when you overtake a bus or truck.

You can surprise the driver and especially, you slip into the blind spot of his vehicle. If the driver inadvertently turns away slightly or turns right, he may not see you and you may be knocked over.

#5: Be attentive to other users

Cycling in the city means moving in harmony with vehicles and other road users. Pay close attention to the movements of other vehicles, be it cars, motorcycles, trams or even bicycles.

Exchanging a glance with the drivers allows to better understand you. Keeping an eye on pedestrians at zebra crossings is a reflex to have. You will be ready to brake, if necessary!

#6: Maintain your safety distances

As in the car, safety is born in part from good habits. Also, always keep a distance of a few meters with the vehicle ahead.

Above all, maintain a safe distance (minimum 1 meter) with cars parked on the edge of the roadway. You avoid any risk of finding yourself in front of an open door recklessly.

#7: Wear a helmet, an essential protective element

Even if, for the moment, the helmet is not part of the obligatory equipment on bike, its port is however strongly recommended during all the displacements in town. Do not hesitate: ensure your own safety and protect yourself.

#8: Attach your bike ad avoid risks

In order to fight against the theft of two-wheelers, be sure to follow a few rules to secure your bike:

  • Hang your bike at a fixed point;
  • For extended parking, prefer a long-lasting lock;
  • Choose a place where you can park bicycles;
  • Attach your bike even for a few minutes.

#9: Adapting to climate conditions

For maximum comfort, adapt your cycling outfit to the weather conditions of the day! In hot weather, have the reflex to use cycling clothes light and ultra-breathable.

When the cold comes out, choose warm, comfortable clothes. Finally, to protect yourself from the rain, opt for a waterproof bike suit (ponchos and rain pants).

Do not be discouraged by the weather: choosing the right equipment is enough to move “all comfort”.

#10: Maintain and verify regularly your bike

A bike requires some revisions and regular checks. The two most important elements to ensure your safety are the brakes and the tires.

Regularly check the condition of your brakes (frayed cables, pads, tension of the cables) and your tires (pressure, condition of the tires).

Now that you’ve read these few essential rules, you’ll be ready to consider regular cycling, summer and winter!

Ronde Bike hope this article will help you choose the good hybrid bike and riding a bike easy !!!